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Custom Drives

That beautiful little wooden box is actually a flash drive. Recorded on it are a few hundred photos from a day that


It’s one of my favorite parts of my job. Traveling is something I’ve done from the start of my business

Woven Workshop

Will you join us for a workshop? In fact, go to instagram right now and enter to win a spot for free (but you have to

sick day

We are finally recovering from a week of sickness. Yes, a whole week. Isn’t that crazy? When it’s a bad

family photography

With a wedding, you know pictures are going to be taken. You plan for it. The rest of your life? That’s a bit

starting the season

It’s always exciting to shoot the first wedding of the year. The much needed break after a busy summer and fall

collecting memories

Exploring the tangible requires your senses. The feeling of weight in your hands and you uncover, pass around and


This is my fourth year with an intern. I’m so grateful for each person who has worked with me and have learned