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the arrival of Dax

Dax Hamilton. You are almost two weeks old and your name fits you well, even if it baffles one of your grandmothers.

valentine’s DIY | xoxo paper

Watercolors are the easiest thing to pick up and make a simple pattern with. I bought a new set for my daughter, and

naked carrot cake

Cake. I love how much of a statement it can make. For Daphne’s birthday I wanted to make something really fun,

Daphne turns two

Today you are two, dear Daphne and you only grow more amazing each day. I tried to write this post last night and ended

wythe hotel

On our recent trip to New York, we stayed at the Wythe Hotel. Our visit to Brooklyn was first and foremost for Mary

Third Trimester Favorites

This pregnancy has flown by. I know everyone experiences it differently, but for me it’s been a whirlwind. I

Newborn Film Photography

Film does have a unique look, texture and feel that is enchanting. I think it fits newborn photography so well, which

fitting in on social media

It’s a love hate relationship when it really comes down to it, right? Each year, month and even day changes are