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2015 Goals

It’s never too late to write a goals post, am I right? I mean, sure half of the year is over but that just means

the team

We drove home through the drizzling rain and talked about you. Matt caught me up on the conversations he had that I

a goodbye breakfast

Yesterday we said goodbye. After spending a semester interning with me Savannah graduated and is on to bigger and

mother’s day

Do you want to know something completely honest? I have a hard time picturing myself as a mother. Despite the amazing

sick day

We are finally recovering from a week of sickness. Yes, a whole week. Isn’t that crazy? When it’s a bad


After flying down earlier in the day Tami checked in to our airbnb, and I walked through the door later that night. We

lush blooms

Hints of spring are starting to appear in New York… and I couldn’t be happier. It was a rough winter, for

back to work after a baby

I think I’ve been giving the wrong impression. Not intentionally, but through the channels of social media